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10 Useful Tips for Turnkey Management in UAE

Dec 13 • Abu Dhabi Events • 946 Views • No Comments on 10 Useful Tips for Turnkey Management in UAE

Preparing an awesome event has never been a walk in the park to all the professional companies providing exquisite Turnkey Event Management in Dubai.

Giving your attendees the time of their lives has never been the easiest task ever and it could get a little too overwhelming or stressful maybe. However, seeing their smiling faces makes the whole amount of worries and efforts so worth it.

As we have assembled a huge number of events in the industry, we attained a high level of expertise which makes us eligible to providing all the other event planners with the essential and useful tips that could be of great use to them during the process.

1. Start early:

    remember that the sooner is truly better; therefore you are highly-advised to begin with the planning as early as you possibly can. If you have a big event to get ready for, then start planning four to six months in advance and if your event were small, you could begin with your preparation at least one month before the actual event. You need to make certain that all vendor contracts are completed a few weeks before.

2. Stay malleable:

    you should be prepared for every probable change along the way. The locations, times and even the type of your event may undergo unexpected changes so be flexible enough to bend and not break and turn the change into an opportunity for you to shine even brighter.

3. Do the talks:

    have a clear budget or number that you would be willing to pay and stay assertive as you offer the amount you’d be willing to pay for your vendors. Be smart as you can negotiate to get the best price for you might face unforeseen costs along the way.

4. Distribute tasks:

    dissect your entire plan and you’ll see your different elements better:
      • Registration
      • Catering
      • Transport

And assign each section to a member of your team, like this you would guarantee that a closer and more meticulous care to every detail will give a better outcome.

5. Have a shared document: as your team members have various tasks to accomplish, you need to have a unified central manual or document that includes everything to be done as for the vendor contracts, floor plan and attendee information which will enable all of you to spot any defect, correct it and enhance the beneficial communication between you.

6. Prepare a plan B: it’s impossible to have an entire event without encountering at least one issue. Items may not turn up or important attendees may be in delay for the event. As you are flexible and practical you will decide which is needed for the success of your event management and which could be easily left out.

7. Review the main plan:
To make sure that every last one of your pre-planned steps is being properly done, you will need to track every step along the way for things to fall accordingly into place, and for your objectives to accordingly fall into place.

8. Take photos of everything: if you can afford a professional photographer to take every possible photo at your event, it would be perfectly convenient for the success of your event which could be shared on the ever-popular online platform, to show how your event is something to be proud of.

9. Get viral: in the 21st century, social media presence is your perfect way up. So, do not hesitate in creating an overwhelming online buzz regarding your event with all the details like:

      • Custom hashtag
      • Tweets via Twitter
      • Posts via Facebook
      • Photos all over

10. Ensure immediate follow-ups: the successful end of your event wasn’t really the end. It was only the beginning for your after-efforts, which will have you act like such a proactive and professional event planner, going on asking the attendees for their feedbacks which could be done via email or social media.


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