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10 Dos and Don’ts When Planning a Summer Festival (part 2)

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Last week, we talked about some of the things to do when hosting a summer festival, in order to have the perfect festivals & parade management that will keep people coming back every year. Here are few DON’TS.

Don’t Over Serve Your Guests

Half the fun of being at a summer festival can be enjoying an icy beverage with your friends! If alcoholic beverages are available, make sure your guests don’t go overboard. Hire bartenders who are properly certified and able to identify anyone who has been over served as part of your thoughtful festivals & parade management. This helps to maintain the safety of your attendees and shows you are looking after the reputation of your event.

Don’t Skimp on Restrooms

Restrooms at large outdoor events can become rather unpleasant, and that is putting it lightly. For a perfect festivals & parade management, do your best to properly estimate the number of restrooms you will need for the event. Make sure you have plenty of units and hire a staff to keep them as clean as possible.

Never Understaff

Event staff is another area where you shouldn’t cut back. Festivalgoers will need help at your event with everything from parking and directions to general festival information. Recruit reliable volunteers that can help guide your guests as part of your professional festivals & parade management and provide them with event knowledge. Happy and helpful volunteers or staff will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Don’t Go Too Big Too Soon

Be sure to scale your event and don’t go overboard in your first year. Perhaps you start out by writing down all of your grand ideas for the festival, but only focus on 3 or 4 major areas this year. If you do it right the first year or two, you will have a positive reputation in the community and hopefully the support to expand and grow in future years.

Don’t Leave a Footprint

Hosting a green event is particularly important with festivals due to the massive amounts of trash that can be produced and the fact that they are most commonly held outdoors. Make a point with your festivals & parade management to remind your guests about your mission to run an eco-friendly festival.


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